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Wedding Brooms

Jumping The Broom History

The Broom Jumping Ceremony/Tradition dates back as far as the 18th Century practiced by Romanichal Travellers of the UK, in Wales and Scotland. The "Broom" was actually a plant/bush called "common broom" (Cytisus Scoparius). Later, in the 1840 & 1850s African American Slaves adopted the custom to celebrate their marriage unity.

Jumping the Broom Ceremony has a long history, and has been practiced by many people of different cultures.  With this ceremonial practice, we can all agree that Jumping the Broom is a show of unity, love, and affection between two people who want to spend their lives together.

 Jumping The Broom Ceremony

Will you and your groom have a Jumping The Broom Ceremony, that has become a custom among many Brides & Grooms of all races and backgrounds to celebrate their marriage union.

AKCC Events will create a custom Jumping Broom for you and your Groom.  The Groom is as much a part of this Special Day as the Bride, so our custom brooms can be made with a Bride side and a Groom side (If you choose this design). Our Broom Designers can create a unique customized broom for you or you can provide your own design.  Your Wedding Broom should reflect your unique and loving relationship. Lets us design your boom today.

"Let Us Cater To You"

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